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Bundle: Nutribullet Magic Bullet Air Fryer & Nutribullet® EveryGrain™

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Bundle: Nutribullet Magic Bullet Air Fryer & Nutribullet® EveryGrain™

Nutribullet Air Fryer

The magic bullet® Air Fryer makes it quick and easy to cook your favorite foods to tender-crisp perfection, without excess oil or mess. Ideal for households with a premium on counter space, this little powerhouse has a 2.5-quart capacity that cooks just the right amount for 1-2 people. And with its wide 180-400°F temperature range, and 360-degree convection technology, you have the flexibility to crisp up everything from fries to breaded chicken, to veggies, and beyond.


Nutribullet Grain Cooker


Cooking grains correctly isn’t as easy as it seems. Knowing the right preparation, liquid-to-grain ratio, temperature, and resting technique is essential to get the texture you crave. That’s where the nutribullet® EveryGrain™ Cooker comes in. It’s programmed to deliver perfect results, every time, with specialized presets for white rice, brown rice, quinoa and oats, plus a catch-all “Grains” program for more exotic types. It also features a steam function for stress-free prep of veggies, fish, and other meal components.